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Testimonials & Thank Yous

Being a doula myself, I knew that I wanted a doula for my own birth and Emylie was nothing short of amazing! She was present and so attuned to what I needed even when that meant just giving me quiet space. She always brought a positive attitude and a welcoming hug. She helped to normalize the whole process for my husband, too. I would recommend her highly and without reservation to anyone looking for birth, postpartum, or placenta services.



Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my birth and supporting me at my delivery. Discussing with you my fears about birth was an important exercise for me. You told me that some of my fears extended to all the changes and adjustments I'd have to face with another baby - that was something I hadn't thought of. Having you as my doula also gave me the comfort of knowing that I would have an angel watching over my birth process and protecting me. Thank you for all you do and know that your presence made my birth experience special.



My husband and I could not have been more pleased with Emylie as our doula. She was very helpful prior to the birth with helping us figure out what to expect. Our birth experience was also such a great one because of Emylie's help and support, particularly in making my husband at ease when a couple of possible complications arose. She also helped me to understand that I could empower myself to ask for what I wanted and needed from the nurses and doctors. Thank you so much Emylie!



My placenta! This magical organ fed my baby for 9 whole months and then for the following 3.5 months, it fed me. I looked for a placenta encapsulator for a while before I found Emylie. I sent in my payment and paperwork just a few hours before Nixon was born... She was so amazing and showed up around midnight. My capsules were dropped off at my home a couple of days later! While it might not be for everyone, I do believe that taking my placenta back into my body helped me balance emotionally postpartum.