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Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes + The First 100  

A Certificated Lactation Education Specialist (CLES) educates families interested in learning more about lactation. A CLES can be a source of non-biased, evidence-based information and support for nursing families. They have a background in basic breastfeeding management in preparation for providing education and counseling to nursing families and recognize barriers and solutions for those choosing to exclusively breastfeed.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Classes

$75 per couple 

*8 couples max. / 5 couples min. for class to remain on schedule

Why is a prenatal breastfeeding class important? Taking a prenatal classes is the best way to be prepared for your breastfeeding experience in and out of the hospital. Having the most current tips and techniques will help you to reach your breastfeeding goals.


Research has shown that people who receive prenatal breastfeeding education are more successful at reaching their breastfeeding goals. A prenatal breastfeeding class is recommended between 32 and 38 weeks. This class is designed for singles and/or couples. We strongly encourage that you attend with a support person (partner, mother, sibling, friend, etc).


Wombmate’s prenatal breastfeeding class will get you off to a great start! We will cover breastfeeding for the first six weeks of your baby’s life and beyond.

Topics include: Breastfeeding Myths, Benefits of Breastfeeding, Basic Anatomy of the Breast, Composition of Breastmilk, How to Breastfeed, How to Know When Baby is Hungry and if Baby is Getting Enough, Recognizing and Solving Common Breastfeeding Challenges, How Partners Can Support Breastfeeding,  Breastfeeding and Sleep, and Pumping & Bottlefeeding

Classes are taught by Emylie Ellis, doula and Lactation Education Specialist (LES). The content that is present has been developed using the most current evidence. Wombmate's classes are designed to be interactive and fun, giving you the necessary tools, skills, and information to help you succeed in your breastfeeding journey. Learn more about Emylie’s background.

The First 100 


The First 100 is a special package offered by Wombmate to ensure the successful initiation of breastfeeding. Research shows XXXX. 

  • Free phone consultation

  • One prenatal visit (hand expression, goals, and golden hour)

  • Discount to Wombmate's prenatal BF class

  • Shortly after the birth of your baby, visit in hospital or home depending on location on birth

  • The next remaining three visits (1-2 hours each) will take place in your home, unless hospital stay is longer than 36 hours, during the first two weeks postpartum 


This package is invaluable to all nursing parents. Wombmate works with surrogates and adoptive parents! If a clinical issue arises that requires skilled breastfeeding support, you will be referred to a highly qualified IBCLC. Wombmate understands that this type of BF support is not always easily attainable; you may not be able to afford to go the superbill route. We work with multiple insurances so there is no upfront cost to you in order to receive the care you need. We accept the following insurances: XXX.



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