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Placenta capsules are a nutritional supplement and there are no guarantees that it will prevent postpartum depression and/or ensure a healthy milk supply. Placenta remedies are the best thing a new mother can give back to her body post birth but can not be used to reverse present or predisposed issues. Placenta capsules do not take the place of medical care and should not be used to treat severe anemia, inadequate milk supply, postpartum depression or anxiety.

The risks of placenta encapsulation are few as long as strict safety and sanitizing protocols are followed, as well as, understanding the contraindications for consumption.




Contraindications of placenta preparation are as follows:

  • Chemically-contaminated placentas in pathology, either sanitizing or preserving. *When the placenta is sent to pathology there are always risks associated. There is a chance that the placenta has been contaminated with chemicals, that the equipment used for examination has not been properly sterilized and even the placenta that was returned not belonging to your client. Should your placenta need to go to pathology, please request only a piece be taken for testing in order to preserve the remaining placenta.

  • Placentas that have sat out longer than 4-5 hours at room temperature post-birth with no preservation methods and/or placentas that have sat in the refrigerator for more than 3-4 days without being frozen.

  • Placentas that have mucousy or stringy blood

  • Uterine infections or chorioamnionitis

  • Heavy smoking or drug use during pregnancy

  • Some low weight, high-binding molecular weight drugs

  • Cancer of the placenta, which is called choriocarcinoma.

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